Horse Training Beginners by Shane D. Olver – Master Horseman

My training method teaches rider and handlers to be a horse trainers, a coach with the horse being the student. It’s easier to teach someone new to horses as they are more likely to absorb the knowledge with passion and excitement.

They are more willing to believe in their teacher.

They tend to listen more than argue.

This training method is the opposite to what past teachers have taught.

“We don’t Grip and Grab – we Let Go”

I teach beginners how to overcome fear. Safety is everything to me. I do my best to protect my students. I teach beginners on well trained horses. It accelerates their learning confidence, balance and their ability to remain safety by teaching them the safety features right from the first step they take.

I can teach a beginner:

  1. how to train a horse.
  2. the true meaning of soft hands.
  3. that seat cues are equally important to soft hands.
  4. To be a centred rider.
  5. How to walk, trot and canter.

I teach my students: ‘How to think’

  1. How to understand and communicate with their horse.
  2. Build their leadership qualities.
  3. To understand and implement a training program that will prepare both them and their horse for any discipline.

I teach my students to become more confident, braver, stronger. To learn to control their emotions and fears by teaching them a step by step exercise designed to improve their bodies physically and mentally as there is a great deal of knowledge to retain.

I teach my students (no matter what age) to become an accomplished rider and horse coach.

This training method teaches riders and handlers to be horse trainers, and horse coaches.

To learn more about my training method and how the dance with your horse works, please see the video and link below, there you will find my Vimeo ‘videos on demand’, there you can rent or buy them, also, I will offer my series on high definition DVD’s for sale on my new updated website coming soon, I’ll let you know when it’s available, if you wish the purchase the DVD’s earlier, then I have a special offer for you, just reply to this post and I’ll send you the offer .

As always, I wish you all happy and safe riding, Shane

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