Experienced Riders by Shane D. Olver – Master Horseman

Whats best for the horse and his rider is what matters most.

An experienced rider can expect to improve through this training method by learning an advanced round yard, groundwork and riding technique that is:-

  1. A well structures step by step exercise program designed to develop appropriate muscle structures and preparing our horses mentally and physically for any athletic activities.
  2. Setting your horse up for success.
  3. Understanding and communicating with your horse.
  4. Understanding how the energy in your horse flows.
  5. Understanding how to govern and change direction of your horse’s’ energy flow
  6. Know how to achieve all your tasks with only one rein and no leg.
  7. Know how to dance with your horse on the ground and in the seat.
  8. Know how to build seat cues.
  9. Know what soft hands really means.
  10. Know how to become centred both on the ground and in the seat.
  11. Know how to build safety features both on the ground and in the seat.
  12. Know how to connect your reins to your horse’s’ feet.
  13. Know how to teach your horse the correct head position.
  14. Know how to correctly teach and prepare your horse to walk, trot, canter, stop, back up, side-pass, spin etc.
  15. Know how to teach your horse to self load and exit on and off a float or truck.
  16. Know how to teach your horse how to think and take responsibility for their own behaviour and to accept a 50-50 deal to become a willing partner.
  17. Learn how to help your horse to become braver, stronger, more confident and to overcome his fear.
  18. Learn how to help yourself become braver, stronger and more confident and to overcome your fear.
  19. Learn how to become a confident Leader.

Humans find it more difficult to change. Especially as the new training method can seem the opposite to what they have always done.

Most riders and handlers think that it’s the horse that must change and be retrained.

In this training method, the rider or handler must be prepared to change equally and be retrained to achieve that 50-50 deal with your horse.

There is a great deal of New Knowledge to be had. A great deal more which teaches techniques that are the opposite to what we have previously been taught.

**We have a new way of thinking and a new way of handling and riding**

To be a good Horse Person.

To fully experience the great joy of having a respectful and knowledgeable relationship with your horses we must overcome and control strong, powerful instincts that make us human.

To be with horses, we must know and understand how to change and to cross over from predators to the herbivores society for it is the coming together of two different species.

To understand and be accepted by another species means we have to be respectful, observant and gain knowledge of their society and their ways of life.

Humans through their arrogance, tend to dominate and demand that other species have to learn, to adjust and adapt to the human way of doing things.

In the past, the human way of working with horses has been to dominate which is a fear based emotional need, that being a complete paradox as this need is what creates the most danger for us.

We humans are much safer and in control when we compromise, communicate and learn how not to Grip and Grab, but to Let Go!

People who have been riding and handling horses for many, many years may think they have enough knowledge, what they know what works for them. Maybe they think that new knowledge is not relevant to them or the discipline they are involved in. Maybe it is too hard to change, too difficult to learn, too hard to admit that there was or is a better way that is more beneficial to both the horse and them.

Thats not what’s best for the well being of the horse.

Ignorance can keep us doing the wrong thing forever.

Often a small piece of knowledge, a realisation can change the future. Can change the way we think, how we go about living our lives.

An unfortunate fact of being human is we tend to learn more from our mistakes, that why we seem to get everything wrong before we get it right, then we demand perfection of everyone and everything else.

PROBLEM SOLVING is about leadership, being able to guide and protect your horse when under pressure.

A well structured training program is needed where the rider and handler have the tools and the ability to retrace their steps and or move forward to solve problems and to improve and prepare a mental and physical state of mind for future complicated tasks.

This training method equally prepares and trains both the rider, handler and their horse.

    • We teach a horse’s’ mind not their mouth.
    • The rider or handler must be prepared to learn and to change as much as their horse.
    • Training is Freedom!!

To learn more about my training method and how the dance with your horse works, please see the video and link below, there you will find my Vimeo ‘videos on demand’, there you can rent or buy them, also, I offer my series on high definition DVD’s for sale on my new updated website which will be available soon, or you can buy them now on ebay…  if you wish the purchase the DVD’s earlier, then I have a special offer for you, just reply to this post and I’ll send you the offer. I’ll let you know when my new site is available.

As always, I wish you all safe and happy riding, Shane

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