Horse Training Videos on Demand

Hi horse lovers,

I have just produced a series of 4 videos on horse training, the first video covers getting a horse prepared for riding using ground work, this is the one of the most important steps in training your horse, and with master horseman Shane D. Olver teaching you this advanced training method, its easy to train the horse to think for it’s itself.

The second video covers using a round yard which is an important part of the process the round yard is a slightly more advanced stage, Shane shows you the important steps on how to train your horse his new training method and stay safe at the same time, this is a very powerful video to learn from.

The third video is the culmination of the other 2 videos and brings together all the techniques learned in the first 2 videos and shows you how the training helps the horse to think for itself, this video is very informative and helps both the experienced rider and the novice see the potential of Shane’s techniques at work, its a powerful experience resource.

the fourth Video is on float loading, one of the most important parts of horse training, if you can’t load the horse onto a float safely then you are restricted to riding your horse in one place, this reduces the wonderful rides you will potentially miss out on, Shane’s message here is simple load your horse safely, take him out and have fun.

This Video on Demand series is available for sale individually or as a set of 4 videos you can also rent each video individually or as a set, the options are endless.

here is a link to the Vimeo site…

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