Learning to Dance with my Horses Dash and Rebel using Groundwork by Shane D. Olver – Master Horseman

It’s hard to learn how to dance. Nearly every student I have met has said that they can’t dance. Dance instructors usually only teach a few steps at a time which eventually turns into a beautiful dance. I am the dance instructor and Dash and Rebel my horses are the dance partners that my students learn to dance with. A few steps at a time until a beautiful dance is achieved.

The groundwork we do is well constructed and defined. Gone are the days where we just allow our horses to run around us with their head up or twisted or both. Gone is where we tie their heads down. Gone is the time of allowing our horses to use their tools against us.

Now is about shape and form, now we train the muscles correctly. So we set up our horses for success not failure.

Now is about taking away our horses tools and replacing them with more powerful tools – Co-operation, and a 50-50 deal.

Now is about training the horse’s mind not his mouth.

Now is about proving to our horse that our way is better and theirs is much harder using more energy and effort, unhealthy and more difficult to achieve goals.

Now is time to learn how to dance on the ground. Then we transfer the dance to the riding position. We start with a few steps at a time.

Now is a good time to realise and accept that we are crippling our horses mentally and physically by allowing them to run around with their heads up in the air!

Dance is about being balanced and centred. We must work in time with our partner. We can’t race ahead. Learning to dance with a partner who can dance is much easier.

  • How we are on the ground, is how we ride.
  • The groundwork and dance is identical in the riding position
  • Our groundwork exercises soften our hands and bodies for both the horse and rider preparing both athletes for riding.

I can tell a horse’s problem by the way the rider/handler works with their horse on the ground.

The dance is a vitally important training method that teaches our horse that our way is better, and once they understand that, it becomes a beautiful dance.

To ride a horse that knows the dance is an unbelievable experience, it’s a kind of freedom for both the horse and his ride, both move forward in a synchronized dance both know what each other is thinking and wanting.

Once you have achieved this level, your riding experience will become an exhilarating way to enjoy your horse and he you, you both become 50-50 partners.

To learn more about my method and the dance, please see the video and link below, there you will find my videos on demand, there you can rent or buy them, also I will offer high definition DVD’s for sale on my new updated website, I’ll let you know when it’s available.

As always, I wish you all happy and safe riding, Shane

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