Overcoming Natural Instincts by Shane D. Olver

Overcoming natural instincts that we possess are essential.

Learning to overcome fear: Fear shuts down our minds, stiffens our bodies causing our bodies to grip and grab, all of which transfers down onto the horse creating the same response in your horse.

**Humans expect our horses to overcome their strong natural instincts – those instincts tell them to flee and if that doesn’t work, then to stand and fight**

**It has to be a 50/50 deal. What we ask of our horse, we must be prepared to ask of ourselves**

**When you are on your horse bareback in a halter with just a lead rope in your hand, you have to believe in your horse. Especially, on that first ride when it takes 10 to 20 minutes to work out what you are doing. My horses Dash and Rebel are special in that they won’t move until you get it right.   Special in that they are sensitive to the rider’s body weight and energy output and will move accordingly.

**Most Humans hate feeling out of control. Fear takes over and all is lost**

**Learning to ‘Let Go’ is exhilarating allowing us to move forward to better experiences and closer towards our goals**

I hope you realise how important it is to learn to let go of that fear, you can only do this by having a solid training method in place, the first steps are to do the work on the ground that’s why my first video ‘Adv Ground-Work Techniques’ is nearly 2 hours long, you need to get the basics right first, then by incorporating my safety techniques, you and your horse will each have the confidence to let go, it’s the 50-50 deal I talk about.

I know that I keep making this point, however, it’s crucial and sets you and your horse up for success, If you are interested in finding out more about my training method or my videos check out my Vimeo site at the link below, I’m also happy to answer any of your concerns.

I wish you all happy and Safe riding, Shane

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