Magnesium Supplements for wild unmanageable horses by Shane D. Olver – Master Horseman

Recently, I had the privilege of witnessing an interview between Sandy Sanderson and  Eliza Priddle, a horse therapist – and one of the best I have seen. The interview is about using food grade Elektra Magnesium Chloride Salts in horse feed and the improvements to horse health and temperament.  Eliza has been using these salts in her horses’ feed for a number of years now and seeing extraordinary health benefits.

Eliza has rescued many horses that had been badly mistreated with psychological and physical damage.  They are now thriving, calmer and more relaxed.  I was so impressed with Eliza’s work – and naturally Sandy’s product Elektra Magnesium – that I thought I would share this post with you all.  I have posted the interview below, which is available on Vimeo… I trust you will find it interesting, and I hope it helps if you are suffering with badly behaving or fearful horses.  I was certainly impressed with Eliza’s horses.  They were awesome!

If you want more information on horse training or videos on my training method then please check out my Vimeo site… I wish you all happy and safe riding… Shane

2 thoughts on “Magnesium Supplements for wild unmanageable horses by Shane D. Olver – Master Horseman

    • Thanks for your comments Micky, i must say, I was really impressed with the calm nature of Eliza’s horses, considering they were all rescued from dire conditions, where they were mistreated badly, they are now able to be ridden and are calm stable. When Eliza first took the horses, they were wild with fear, after using Elektra’ natural magnesium they behave like calm spirited horse… Amazing transformation… Hope this helps.
      Regards, S

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