Creating Change by Shane D. Olver – Master Horseman

A horse training program building a foundation which provides for and gives the rider/handler the ability to create change.

**Our problems remain the same until we can create change.**

Our problems can make the rider/handler feel like they are stuck in one place and cannot go forward. Frustration and anger hinders the rider/handler’s ability to think but also stiffens their body which all then transfers into the horse they are working on.

Being able to create change means the rider/handler has the ability to:

  • Teach their horse and other humans
  • Affect safety features
  • Learn – as new knowledge is required, knowledge about how to create and apply a step by step training process to teach the horse the new knowledge as it is always essential to set ourselves and our horse up for success – not failure.

**It is knowledge and having the ability to structure information into a step by step training program that gives the rider/handler the ability to create change.

Having a structured training program also means that a rider/handler can back track to see if they and their horse had missed a step or moved on before a step had been fully accomplished.

The process of backtracking only strengthens the rider/handler and their horses confidence, their belief system in each other and their training programs knowledge base.

Creating Change – in your Horse

The horse must accept the training. The training:

  • Empowers the horse – to be allowed to think.
  • The horse can feel successful
  • Become more confident
  • Be braver and stronger
  • Be healthier
  • That they use far less energy and effort

The training program must offer a fair deal to the horse.

*We train a horse’s MIND not their Mouth*

Creating change means to clear blockages in a horse’s mind by proving to the horse that the new training method is far more beneficial to him.

Co-operation, compromise is a far more powerful tool than fighting and arguing.

Creating Change – in the Humans

The human (rider/handler) must change in the same way a horse must change. We ask our horses to overcome their strong instincts to flee.

The human (rider/handler) is always a coach and the horse is always the student.

To be a good horse person and communicator, the human must overcome strong powerful instincts that have evolved over hundreds of thousands of years.

“Don’t Grip and Grab” We have to learn to be the opposite and TO LET GO!

Humans have learnt to ride and handle horses (and everything else in life) based upon fear.

  • The human foundation is cemented by fear
  • Only by learning how “To Let Go” can we humans overcome fear
  • There is far more power and strength, along with knowledge and wisdom to be gained by “letting go” than to be dangerously stuck with knowledge and to be paralysed with fear creating the “Grip and Grab” which is the complete opposite of what you require.
  • We offer our horses a 50-50 deal, we humans will equally change and become better educators and leaders to our horses.

Training is Freedom, for more information on starting a horse or for more of my training method check out my Vimeo site below or my new website will be available soon, please stay tuned and I’ll let you know when its online.

I wish you all happy and safe riding, Shane

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