TRAINING A HORSE’S MIND by Shane D. Olver – Master Horseman

Training a Horse’s  Mind – Not there Mouth

Slowly, we human horse people have evolved to a mental place and or a spiritual plane where we can see more clearly what is stopping and hindering us from interacting with our herbivore equine species on a more equal basis.

For horses and humans to find common ground, humans have to firstly understand and accept that both species have strong powerful instincts to overcome. These have taken tens of thousands of years to develop as they are the same instincts that helped both species to survive thus far.

Horses to Flee

Humans to grip and grab to dominate, to fight

Ironically, it is the opposite to these instincts that will bring the two species together on a more equal basis or at least a more symbolic relationship, moreover, it may be that this change of behavioural instincts is necessary if we are to survive as two species at all in the future.

The horse must learn not to flee as a first instinct.

Humans must learn not to grip and grab, not to dominate and fight as their first instinct if they want to be good horse people if they want to have a so called special or natural relationship with the equine species.

A horse must learn how to think, assess the situation and make a decision before taking flight. They must then become brave, more confident and taught how to make appropriate decisions under pressure by overcoming their fear and emotions.

Humans must learn not to grip and grab for it is an action that is a reaction to fear. Fear kills our ability to think which kills our ability to create change, our ability to teach and educate our horse and most importantly, to remain SAFE.

Humans have to build a new first instinct “To Let Go”, become more relaxed and therefore have a far greater chance to create change and educate and to stay alive when things go wrong.

To change such strong imposing instincts in both the horse and human, it is necessary to understand the thinking process and social structure of both species. Only through observation, interaction, trial and error can a knowledge base for formulated and a structured educational program be implemented.

It is necessary to have a strategy and a step by step training program to create change and to create a New First Instinct.

Only through repetition, having mental and physical exercises can we retrain ourselves and our horse’s mind and bodies.

It is equally important to believe and trust that the training program works. That the training program has a flexibility to adjust and adapt and be able to evolve as new knowledge presents itself. One thing we can know for certain, an absolute truth, new knowledge will always present itself.

Happy and Safe riding, Shane

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