Horse Training – Leadership by Shane D. Olver – Master Horseman

Cutting and polo, polo cross camp drafting – Foundation Training will improve

  1. Rider’s horsemanship and riding skills, rider’s relationship with their horse.
  2. Rider’s ability to solve problems, rider’s how to:
  • Teach their horse to get their head down
  • To flex
  • To get sliding stop on the hind quarters.
  • To get a light front end
  • To get roll backs & spins working nicely off the hocks and with correct head position
  • To canter from a stand still, stop, spin or roll back and take off again into a canter.
  • To move the horses’ shoulders across with hands only
  • To pick up an inside shoulder without the horse pulling down (stopping a dropped shoulder)
  • To steer your horse through the seat
  • To crossover safely having the horse listening to hold back and move across through the shoulders
  • To have the horse move forwards and back off when asked.

*   All of the above without using any leg.

** All of the above using only your hands and your seat.

** We build seat cues and save the legs for more complicated tasks and speed.

The horse and rider should have the training working before going near cows. Then, the horse either likes working with a cow or it doesn’t.

Then, either the rider is good at working the cow or isn’t. If he/she isn’t and the horse is a good cow horse, then the rider will hinder (block) their horses’ success at working a cow. The horse will be frustrated and anxious, and can even become depressed.

If the horse and rider isn’t suitably trained before working a cow, then the horse will be set up for failure.

The Training Foundation program sets the horse and rider up for success.

I hope this small insight helps you understand… cutting and polo, polo cross camp drafting.

If you wish more help just reply and I’ll be happy to answer your questions or you can check out my Videos… I wish you happy and safe riding, Shane

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