Thoughts on Horse training by Shane D. Olver – Master Horseman prt3

ALL HORSES ARE LIKE ATHLETES and like any other athlete, they deserve to be started and trained in a way that prepares them mentally and physically, for whatever task or discipline that may be asked of them by their owners.

The moment we Humans handle a Horse we become their Coach and so begins our responsibility to develop our skills as communicators and teachers.

A Coach sets up their athlete for Success.

A Coach is the horse’s leader, protector, guide and educator; the horse is our student like an under 10s child in a football or basketball team;

There is no difference between preparing a child or a horse for any given sport, young or old. The correct training programmes are designed to start with the babies right through to the elite level.

This Training Method prepares and teaches horse owners how to become a COACH, a HORSE TRAINER.

This Training Method has been designed for all horses and disciplines.

This Training Method combines Round Yarding, Ground Work and Riding, with each having identical corresponding lessons, from Primary school to university level. This means that, we are always learning and at the same time teaching a lesson that is backed up and consolidated by each lesson group.

All training programmes need a strong foundation, it is necessary to have a solid base of knowledge that will support us and our relationship with our Horse, as we move forward with our Horses Training, no matter what the discipline.

The Horse training programme I confidently bring to you has been proven successful, as the horses themselves, agree with and accept the method as a fair deal.

The horses feel empowered, they have more say, their minds have been expanded, they have learnt how to think, their bodies have better shape and form, making it easier and more efficient to achieve the physical tasks being asked of them; for the horses are being set up for success; the horses are healthier, both mentally and physically.

The horses feel much braver, stronger and more confident.

Once we have been given the knowledge and the ability, we can help our horses change and grow, to empower them, then we must be doing something right, and success will come our way, eventually.

As a coach we are empowered by what we teach and by what our student learns and how they gain the knowledge that improves their lives.

As a coach, we are always learning, always the beginner, always doing our best to raise our student and ourselves to a higher level or better place.

To me, helping people to become good horsemen or women, to become a horse coach, a horse trainer to watch and see a joy and bond grow with their horse, to witness their success together in their given discipline or sport, fills me with feelings of success, and I then know that we are on the right path with the training programme; and I mean we, for we are all fellow coaches, trying to be the best we can be.

I am on a wonderful journey with my students both the horses and humans, I hope you will join me and experience the joy of growing and becoming better horsemen or women, better human beings.

For more detail about myself and my horse training method please click on the following link, there you will find my videos both for rent at slightly more than a cup of coffee or if you wish you can buy them for a very reasonable price, I also have DVD copies if you want to buy a hard copy… you get over 5 hours of High Definition video tutorial all for a very low price.

Happy and Safe riding until I speak with you again, Shane

PS: if you simply need some advice, don’t hesitate to contact me via the reply feature

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