Thoughts on Horse training by Shane D. Olver – Master Horseman prt2

If our dreams are to become true we need to acknowledge that Humans and Horses are two different species, that we are both the opposite and the same.

To understand a foreign species we must observe and try to understand their culture, social structure, language and by the way they see themselves in this life.

If Horses and Humans are to form a respectful co-existing relationship then a fair deal has to be agreed upon, a 50/50 deal, based upon compromise, only then will a pathway open into each other worlds.

It is necessary to understand that the Horse and the Horse person must change equally.

The HORSE must become less Horse


The Human must become less Human.

Horses run and flee and as their world shrinks around them, they have to learn to stop running away from their problems and learn to find solutions, by thinking.

The Human must learn to stop gripping, grabbing, fighting and overcome their desire to become aggressive, their desire to destroy or be rid of anything that does not agree with them.

The Human must learn to LET GO

Letting Go is a beautiful experience;

Letting Go is Freedom for both the Horse and the Human.

The more the Human Lets Go, the braver, stronger and more confident they and their Horse become;

The more the Human Lets Go, the better the communication process, the Safer they become;

The more the Human Lets Go the more their Horse will believe in them, the more their Horse will accept them, as their leader.



ALL HORSES ARE ATHLETES and like any other athlete, they deserve to be started and trained in a way that prepares them mentally and physically for whatever task or discipline that may be asked of them by their Human owner.

The important point I’m trying to make is that by having better communication with your horse and letting go of your pre conceived ideas will make both YOU and the HORSE much stronger and braver.

To see my training method please checkout my videos at the link below, my website will be rebuilt very soon with lots of addition features…

I wish you all happy and safe riding, Shane

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