Thoughts on Horse training by Shane D. Olver – Master Horseman

I am Australian, born into a this magnificent, pristine, vast and extreme beautiful country.

I believe, that the country we are born in, has a strong influence on the way we think and act, being an Australian horseman brings a new and different way of how to understand and work with horses, but to also understand how we as horse people must change, if we are to achieve those dreams of having a stronger connection or partnership with our horses.

My connection with horses and the joy I experience working with them can only be passed on to other horse people, if someone loves a horse then there is a connection, the rest is in the gaining of knowledge and applying that knowledge into a practical step by step Training Programme, like learning how to dance, in fact that’s how it is, our horse is our dance partner.

I want to share with you the knowledge I have gained from the vast amount of knowledge passed down through time and from my experience working with the many horses and horse people I have met throughout my life.

As time goes on horses have become my main teachers.

All horses people have a dream where our horse trusts and believes in us.

I believe that with the right knowledge, attitude and Training Programme we can come close, but as in any relationship it is necessary to try and understand and have empathy for each other, it is necessary to be able to compromise, being prepared to give and to take,

It is necessary for both the horse person and the horse to take responsibility for their actions and behaviour, if there is to be mutual benefit and wellbeing.

With those of you that are having problems with your horses, I have produced an easy to follow training program which is available to rent or buy, I’m confident that if you are having issues with your horse, then my training program will help you overcome those problems, if you would like some advice please write to me or please check out my Videos on demand series, rentals starts at slightly more than a cup of coffee, it may just help you stay safe.

I wish you all happy and safe riding, Shane

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