Horse Training is Freedom… by Shane D. Olver Master Horseman Prt2

Foundation training is about constructing a solid base of knowledge that will always support us as we move forward with our horses training.

with my method I can teach you how to make a horse stand still.

I can teach you the importance of collection and how collection allows us (riders/handlers) to teach our horses to:

  • Stop, back up, side pass, roll backs, spins walks, canter, trot correctly.
  • How to go into a canter from a stand still; how to elevate
  • How collection gives us more control of our horses shoulders and feet. Which then gives us the power to deal with problems like shying, rearing, backing up, head position, stopping and direction problems, float loading, leading etc.

Collection also gives us the ability to train the muscle structures from nose to tail.

Collection also makes a happy minded, free flowing (energy flowing from the hind quarters to the nose, like a stream) horse.

If we have the horses nose, then we have the horse. GOT THE NOSE, NOT THE HORSE.

If the nose lifts higher than the desired position (pole level with the wither) even for only a brief moment, the energy which comes from the hindquarter through to the nose will go up and backwards and out through the tail. Like riding with the hand brake on or rearing, bucking, running backwards, running out at the shoulders etc all the directions but forward.

When a horse pushed down on the bit, the energy is also backwards which also goes out through the tail. ie. Horses also push down to back up, stop etc as the weight of the horses head, neck and shoulders lock the front knees.

The moment we buy a horse, we become a coach. And so begins our responsibility to develop our skills as communicators and teachers.

Every horse, like any athlete, deserves to be started and trained in a way that prepares him/her mentally, physically and spiritually for the rest of the horses life with humans.

The Foundation Training Program is a method that all horses have accepted and agreed with.

We train a horses mind, not his mouth.

Your horse will give him or herself to you if you have the knowledge and understanding to win heir trust.

The horses tools are the handlers and riders problems.

The horses tools:

  • Raising his head or rearing (standing or lowering hindquarters) is even more powerful.
  • The horse knows if the human does not have control of his nose, then the horse has some control.
  • The human has no brakes, steering cannot go forwards
  • The horse can buck, rear, run backwards or side ways, can bolt, can do anything but what the human wants.

Powerful tools: because usually the human gives up and puts their horse back in the paddock with his mates and a feed.

Humans are predictors and act aggressive so deal with the problems of controlling the horse with gadgets not with knowledge and understanding. Not through improving their own communication skills because it takes to long.

Horses have their tools because it is the only way they can have a say in their relationship with humans. Humans don’t know their language and don’t try to. They (the humans) demand learn and obey because I love you and provide you with the best feed, shelter, expensive saddles, horse floats, property, vehicle, my clothes and clinics. Why can’t you just do what I want, when I ask.

It is necessary to replace the horses tools with ones that improves his life, mentally, physically and spiritually. It is necessary for the horse to sense and feel that his new tools with give him more power in the relationship with his human has increased.

** That he is allowed to think

** That he will be listened to

** That we humans care about his/her culture and social structures and allow our horses to be horses and left alone.

Happy and Safe riding, Shane

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